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Exploring the culture of a country through fashion and design, getting inspired and collecting memories! This is what it’s all about!

We are FashionTouri and we support local designers all over the world!

To local designers FashionTouri provides a multimedia market place. With FashionTouri they’ll increase their visibility and enhance their brand awareness. We capture and demonstrate individual shopping needs and relate them to their own activities and concepts.

Above all our network enables them to be linked to a new target group:

To tourists FashionTouri is a map to combine two passions during their trip:

Using FashionTouri simplifies the way of exploring a city and fulfilling personal shopping desires at the same time.

We help travellers to locate well-known and hidden spots of the national fashion and design scene. The selection and combination of individual interests guarantee a personalized assistance before and during a trip.

For locals and tourists who love to be inspired by fashion and design, shop selective and intentional Fashiontouri is the place to be.

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