FashionTouri presents Hermann Plank: Advisory Board PHX Fashion Week Phoenix | USA


The Phoenix Fashion Week is the leading fashion industry event in the Southwest. Hermann Plank is a plastic engineer with a keen fashion interest who moved from Austria to Scottsdale, Arizona. As an advisor to Phoenix Fashion Week he contributes to the team in the areas marketing, public relations, sponsorship and general management. Due to his extensive background in international management he supports designers to successfully launch their careers.

What makes the difference between the European and American Fashion Industry?
What are the connecting elements?

I believe European fashion is more individualized, more label oriented and Europeans dress up more, American Fashion is faster changing and Americans are constantly looking for young new labels to set new trends – the connection is cosmopolitan, world travelers that bring the 2 cultures together and blend the style.

Why is Phoenix a Fashion-Sightseeing Hot Spot?

10 years ago it was a true fashion desert and thanks to some enthusiastic hardworking individuals Phoenix was put on the fashion map – I think it was a true effort of a small team that wanted to change to status quo, was tired to go to New York or LA, rather attract work class designers come to Phoenix and create this platform of fashion, education and humanity locally with international influence.

What is the most inspiring for you during your work for the Phoenix Fashion Week?

 In the beginning it was “just” a man with a vision – Brian Hill, director of PHXFW was able to build a strong team and put this vision into reality and it is so gratifying for me to be part of this and seeing it grow to where it is today!

What we can expect from the Phoenix Fashion Week 2017?

I am really excited about several areas: our seminar series, the business of fashion is stronger, bigger and loaded with more top industry experts than ever and we have been able to bring Ronja Scherzinger all the way from Austria to present her FashionTouri designer/shopping platform – secondly I look forward to seeing top designers from all over the world showing their latest creations Rocky Gathercole, Resty Lagare and YAS Couture Elie  Madi are the designers of celebrities and their creations can be seen at all the big events like Cannes Film festivals, Emmy’s ANTM, GNTM and we have 19 emerging designers going through our boot camp right now to compete for the Emerging Designer of the Year award to get a contract and TV Show with EVINE life our partner to present their designs on the Evine TV  shopping in front of 80 million households. Last but not least we have our Top 40 emerging models competing for the Model of the Year award and a contract with the Top agency Agency Arizona and we are excited to bring back our Fashionably Pink Celebrity Runway Show benefitting breast cancer charity benefiting Don’t be a Chump! Check for a Lump!