21. July 2017


Wanna know where locals shop?


FashionTouri is the platform for all your shopping needs. We combine our love of fashion, traveling and discovery to bring you the latest looks from the local people.

We offer an interactive network to local designers to simplify the access to a new target group – TOURISTS!

Get to know new and well established local brands while visiting the “must have seen – spots” in town. With linking sightseeing to your individual shopping interests FashionTouri creates unique routes to explore the city.

For a fashion forward community who likes to get influenced by national labels, shop selectively and intentionally FashionTouri supplies an innovative map.

Watch out for secret spots and provide others with an insight of what you think about the local fashion and design scene.

Get in touch with designers and fashion insiders. Find out more about their story. At the same time you encourage the national fashion industry and support local designers at their doorstep.

Explore the culture of a country through fashion and design, collect memories – get inspired! Join us today and be part of our FashionHub!

SHOP LIKE A LOCAL and "Be a FashionTouri too"!

Wanna meet a new target group?

To national stores and designers FashionTouri provides a multimedia based and interactive platform to be linked with tourists. Many national brands are facing challenges all over the world.

With the realization of FashionTouri we create a platform for valuable national rocks. FahionTouri supplies new roadmaps that may lead to a rethinking to established local well-known brands and inconspicuous treasures.

Being a member of our international Fashion Community helps you to find the perfect solution for your brand awareness. We capture and demonstrate the individual shopping needs of your customers and match them with your activities and concepts.

It is our motive force to make an impact on the national World of Fashion. We believe that hidden gems are worth to be found and supported!

Get in touch with us and be part of our FashionHub!


Meet the team

Ronja Scherzinger


“FashionTouri supplies new concepts for establishing national brands in a worldwide fashion and design network. To local designers FashionTouri is not only a market place. The platform is an immediate connection to their customers and target groups. To tourists FashionTouri is a shopping and sightseeing map that simplifies the discovery of national brands.”

Matthias Benedikt


“Supporting local brands - giving them a stage - is a great opportunity for everyone involved. FashionTouri helps locals and tourists to find what they're looking for and even discover new stores, which also helps the cities where FashionTouri is offering its services.”

Judith Mach


“FashionTouri is a wonderful tool for each and every traveler, to make it easy finding unique and special clothing and other things to spice up their lives with the tasty flavors of the world. I'm convinced that FashionTouri is going to enrich the lives of many travelers and helps new designers to set up their labels.”