The Team of FashionTouri

Ronja Scherzinger

CEO and Founder FashionTouri

“Providing a platform for the diverse fashion and design industry along with portraying the talent’s faces behind the labels - this was my biggest motivation for founding FashionTouri. I am convinced that we manage to reconcile national, long-established companies with young designers. The aim is to gain international and loyal customers for these brands and labels. Meanwhile, we are offering our FashionTouri an extraordinary, personally adapted travel and shopping experience, where our FashionTouri members can also enjoy plenty of benefits.“

©FT/Natalia Ferraz


Hikari Abe

Community Manager

“I support FashionTouri because of the amazing idea behind it! As a fashion-lover it is important to me that I wear extraordinary outfits, in which I feel comfortable. Traveling to a foreign city, FashionTouri is a perfect tool. It helps you find local designers and you can easily combine your shopping experience with sightseeing tours in an unfamiliar town!“ 

©FT/Alycia Aditya


Nina Roller

Chief Marketing Officer

“Finding your next souvenir with FashionTouri is seriously twice as fun! FashionTouri stands for a customised travel experience. Never has it been easier to discover your favorite shops in different cities of the world. With the perfectly matched route you can not only explore new brands but you will also never miss any tourist hotspot!“  

©FT/Natalia Ferraz


Social Media Team of FashionTouri

Josephine Nittel


" I am huge fan of buying unique clothes when I tavel to a new city, and this lifestyle is exactly what FashionTouri represents. I especially appreciate FashionTouri supporting local businesses and putting emphasis on sustainable fashion. I am happy to be working as a part of the social media team for FashionTouri, in which I can myself discover new brands and designers, as well as spreading the word to our community in a creative way."  




©FT/Florence Scholtes

Florence Scholtes

"Having grown up internationally, travelling is a must for me. So naturally I wanted toi support FashionTouri as soon as I found out about it. It's nice to know that I can now travel and find local shops in a heartbeat. FashionTouri as a whole is such a great and creative idea, and it was founded by a woman, so it's a double win! I'm very excited to be part of the social media team and can't wait for the good times ahead. "


©FT/Josephine Nittel



Editorial Team of FashionTouri 

Anna Flaschberger 

“With FashionTouri I discover something new, each day. It doesn’t matter if I’m abroad or in my hometown - the best shops and places are the unknown ones. For me personally, FashionTouri is defined by our collected secret tips of hidden, and therefore even more special, spots. Thanks to that everyone can stroll through the city, feeling like a local!“

©FT/Anna Flaschberger


Tabea-Marie Widmann 


©FT/Ronja Scherzinger


Paloma Pöltinger

"When I travel abroad, then it's natural for me to always plan enough time to stroll through shopping streets of a foreign city. Especially in local, small stores I often find great treasures. This is exactly where FashionTouri comes in: This unique platform helps make local fashion businesses visible in the digital space. What I appreciate most about FashionTouri is that fashion lovers and entrepreneurs benefit from it to the same extent!"

©FT/Ronja Scherzinger