“What does success mean to me? Positive feedbacks from my clients“


Interview with Sherly Mae Sancha

Fashion, nutrition and acting - that's what Sherly Sancha is passionate about. Among other things, she maintains a small but fine community on her Instagram account @sherlymaezing. After an interview with FashionTouri, it is clear that Sherly cannot be simply labelled. 

At the age of 18, she worked as a model for the first time. At the same time, she built up her community on Instagram. Over the years, Sherly became more and more interested in various topics, such as health, nutrition, model coaching and event planning. Her most recent projects revolve around acting. The shooting for the film "Hans Moser - Ein Leben ist nicht genug" by Alexander Kraxner, will start in the fall of 2020. In January 2021, it will be shown in the Austrian cinemas. Apart from that, Sherly has a lot of plans.


Model, actress, entrepreneur, digital content creator - Sherly Sancha is many things.
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Experiences in the model industry

Sherly's interest in fashion began at an early age, so that is why she also attended a fashion school. Her Filipino roots also contributed to this passion. "My aunts and my mother let me move in that direction. They encouraged me to participate in auditions," she explains. Over time, she received more and more requests and so Sherly gave modeling a chance. "People know the fashion industry as very superficial. I think it depends on the people you surround yourself with and what your attitude is," she says. In 2015, Sherly took part in the "Miss Earth Austria" competition and was a finalist among the top 8. This Miss Earth competition also aims to draw attention to topics such as sustainability and environmental protection. Sherly not only works as a model, but has also worked as a model scout and model coach for international agencies. "I have accompanied young models on their way - from their first photo shoot to larger campaigns a few years later. To witness these developments made me very proud", Sherly emphasizes.


Local and international fashion 

The support of local labels is an important concern for her. Her favourite label from Vienna is the ladies' fashion store Angels of Pleasure in Burggasse in the 7th district. Sherly likes to support Elke Freytag as well. "I think that FashionTouri can bring some change with regard to local shopping. For example, when my family comes to Vienna from the Philippines, they want to take home a souvenir. So the joy is all the greater when it comes from a local store," Sherly believes. Travellers to the Philippines could purchase the traditional, festive dress Barot Saya as a special souvenir.


Angels of Pleasure

Burggasse 29

1070 Wien



Elke Freytag

Lindengasse 14

1070 Wien



Presence on social media

She is present on channels like Instagram and Facebook and presents her company and various other partnerships. Thanks to Facebook, Sherly can keep in touch with her family in the Philippines and the rest of the world. Before she enters into partnerships with different brands on social media, she informs herself about the products. "I pay close attention to the ingredients of the cosmetic products. It is also important to me that the products are not tested on animals," Sherly emphasizes.


With the support of her family, Sherly became enthusiastic about fashion at an early age.
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Mysterious dinners in Vienna

In 2018 Sherly founded the event "Secret Dinner Vienna" together with her friend Diana Alibabic. As the name suggests, this event is about exclusive dinners with a certain motto. "I love to sit with my family at a big table, to eat, to exchange and entertain", says Sherly. This thought led her to organize an event where a small group of people from different industries meet and network. "It's all about building up a network without force, enjoying the food and meeting new people," she explains. There is always a certain "surprise effect" for the guests of the "Secret Dinner Vienna": you don't know exactly who else is invited and what is served for dinner. The preparations for the next event are already underway and already have a fixed date - this year. More information is available on the Instagram channel @secretdinnervienna.


Networking and getting to know new people - this is possible at the "Secret Dinner Vienna" co-organized by Sherly.
© FT/ Secret Dinner Vienna



Balance in our bodies 

With the experience in the model business, Sherly built up a company in the field of health and nutrition in 2018. She leads a cooperation with the Scandinavian company "Zinzino", which implements dry blood tests. These tests mainly examine the balance between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. An imbalance between these two nutrients can indicate inflammation in the body, which can develop into diseases such as cancer. "I often get feedback from my customers telling me how I helped them improve their health. This is success for me," says Sherly. 



Sherly's Website: www.zinzino.com


Health plays an important role in Sherly's life, which is why she built up a business in this area. 
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"I would like to make many more people aware that they should pay more attention to themselves and their health. I want to continue to inspire and support people to realize their dreams and goals in life," Sherly wishes for the future. One of the next projects is a social project for children in the Philippines. The project is intended to promote the creativity of children as part of a school program.


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