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The focus is on individual product design.

At LUKÁCS LÁSZLÓ VIENNA, the focus is on individual product design. Traditional processes and innovative design result in modern, high-quality shoes and accessories. From taking measurements to embossing the logo - the production of the shoe is devoted and precise. In the end there is a product that not only looks minimalist and noble, but also withstands the stresses of everyday life. For Lukács László, it usually starts with the material. The look and feel of the fabrics determine whether and how they are used. This material and thoroughly experimental approach not only ensures harmony between the materials, but also ensures that only goods of the highest quality and longevity are used. Good architecture is a composition of utility, longevity and art. She knows how to combine the advantages and properties of different materials and how to make rooms not only usable, but also culturally valuable. They are also characterized by a feeling for their environment. In modern architecture, sustainability has therefore become increasingly important in addition to the relationship to the location. It is these values ​​that make Lukács László's perfect men's shoe: artistic individuality, the perfect interplay of materials, sustainability and, last but not least, durability and a comfortable fit.

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Johann-Strauß-Gasse 13
1040 Vienna
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St. Stephen‘s Cathedral

A historic place to see


Kunsthistorisches Museum

Museum of Fine Arts



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Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

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This is your Story!

How would you describe the sense of life in your city?

Cozy, free and artful on every corner.

What was your first designed piece?

It was a t-shirt.

What is your favourite place in the city?

Inner city and Wienerberg.


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