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Creative textiles, printed and sewn

At musterAG - die musterwerkstatt every pattern and design is hand-drawn and then printed on high-quality fabrics. Both the fabrics (jersey, cotton, silk, upholstery fabric) and the sewn t-shirts, blouses and hoodies are only available in limited quantities or are even unique. Sustainability, organic quality and the individuality of the design products are very important to Cassandra Bahreman, owner of the small business. You can find the products on the webshop or you can contact Cassandra via email for more information.

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This is your Story!

How would you describe the sense of life in your city?

cozy, worth seeing, historical, leisurely, lovable, artsy

What is your favourite place in the city?

A viennese coffee shop

Which sightseeing attraction a tourist should not miss in your city?

To visit the Naschmarkt in Vienna

What makes your brand special?

individuality, art and sustainable


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