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The handcrafted 100ml liquids travel bag

Safar is a handcrafted reusable alternative to regular 1-liter plastic bags that are mandatory for any liquids carried onboard a flight. The Safar bag can hold multiple 100ml liquid containers, and due to its design, offers more space than conventional single use plastic bags. Safars size and transparency meet international airport security regulations. Our mission is to give travellers a simple yet elegant alternative to single-use plastic bags whilst highlighting Indian craftsmanship and its unique design, especially from the area of Jaipur (Rajasthan). We work together with the women of the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (PDKF), who produce each bag by hand. From the traditional block printed fabric to the finishing tassel detail, we strive to have as many parts as possible handmade in house by the skilled women of PDKF.

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This is your Story!

What is your favourite place in the city?

Franziskaner Platz - Sitting in the sun and sipping a coffee in the "Kleines Café" at my most favourite square.

Which sightseeing attraction a tourist should not miss in your city?

Secession Vienna - the world’s oldest independent exhibition institution specifically dedicated to contemporary art, led by artists. The Secession was, is and will be an important forum for art of its time. A magic place!

Dein absolutes Shopping-Mekka in der Welt ist?

Jaipur (India), one of the most magical, colourful and inspirational places I have ever been.

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