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The 9th district is not only very popular place for students, but also for artists and up-and-coming designers. The LadenKonzept, at Kolingasse 10, makes a considerable contribution to this. Since 2011, creative professionals from a wide range of areas have come together in the store to offer their workshops and their products. Written by Anna Flaschberger


„Gemeinsam statt einsam“ (English: better together than alone)


The LadenKonzept combines many different handcrafted products in one shop. There is a diverse assortment of products available, such as jewelry, soaps, greeting cards, ceramic dishes and decorative objects. Cornelia doesn’t have a lot of time to produce her own products for sale; however, she produces individual pieces on request! She carefully selects exhibitors for her shop – only original and handcrafted pieces will be displayed in her shop. There is no place for mainstream, mass-produced merchandise!


cornelia bock
Cornelia is a passionate glass beads maker herself and
organizes the corresponding workshops.
© FT/Anna Flaschberger


Some products from her shop can be found in Mezzie Boxes by Katharina Tirouflet. These are giftboxes that contain five different products from small, sustainable brands. No two giftboxes are the same, therefore it is always a surprise!


Children enjoy the handcrafted products at 
LadenKonzept as well!
© LadenKonzept/Carmen Trappenberg


Cross-generational workshops

If you’re interested in making glass beads, bobbin lace, soap or perhaps, knitting, LadenKonzept is the place for you! A variety of DIY workshops are held regularly, where both beginners and advanced students are welcome.


The courses are based on mutual learning and collaboration. Especially elder people profit from this social aspect the workshops are covering. Rosi for example, a passionate glass beads maker, loves to pass on her knowledge to others. Thanks to the LadenKonzept, she has also found the opportunity to sell her art. Making money is not Rosi’s main intention though, she simply enjoys showing off her work and having strangers appreciate it!


These working places can be rented when
there is no workshop too!
© FT/Anna Flaschberger


Flexible room rental

But that's not all: Cornelia also rents out a room in the back of the shop for various events and meetings from the creative industry.

FashionTouri Fact: The FashionTouri editorial meetings regularly take place in LadenKonzept.

The furniture in the room can be changed according to requirements, adapting to the respective event. "When Endlos Fesch comes with its fashion library, the whole shop turns into a wardrobe," Cornelia says.


Expansion of the online shop

The online shop is to be expanded and improved for the future of the LadenKonzept. Originally, Cornelia only sold glass rods, used primarily for glass beading, online.

Nowadays, she has two different online shops: One for glass rods and one for the other products in her shop. You can find the links down below – make sure to check it out!

As FashionTouris the LadenKonzept provides you with unique souvenirs to bring home or small gifts for yourself. Don’t worry, the products are guaranteed to fit in every suitcase, no matter how much you have shopped already!



Address: Kolingasse 10, 1090 Wien

Online-Shop for glass rods:

Online-Shop for other products:





Anna Flaschberger, FashionTouri editorial team


Header: © LadenKonzept/Carmen Trappenberg