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November 30

An interview with Cassandra Bahreman-Schock


The focal point of musterAG - die musterwerkstatt (eng. pattern company) - die musterwerkstatt’s (eng. “pattern workshop”) creations are the exclusive fabrics used. In an interview with FashionTouri the owner-Cassandra Bahreman-Schock presents the products created using these fantastic materials.


You will have no issue finding anything your heart desires at musertAG, as this label offers everything from t-shirts and cardigans to bags and pouches. In cooperation with local seamstresses small but appealing product lines are brought to life using high-quality design fabrics. Each line consists of two items per size (the sizes run from size small to size extra large). What makes the designs so special is Cassandra Bahreman-Schock’s personal touch to each item, as every fabric is printed with her own designs. Those in search of unique fabrics and designs, will definitely find something that will float their boat at musterAG - die musterwerkstatt.



“Ever since my childhood I have loved drawing, particularly fine lines and patterns,” the designer explains. Eventually she decided to bring her drawings and patterns to life by printing them on fabrics and clothing. This is where musterAG - die musterwerkstatt’s story began. Cassandra Bahreman-Schock’s business enables her to let her creative juices flow. She taught herself the multifarious methods of printing fabrics and the various processes different printing techniques include. “Continuously practicing a variety of methods motivated me to carry on,” says the designer.


  Every fabric and every garment are unique.

                  © FT/musterAG.com - die musterwerkstatt





This journey obviously begins with the sketch of the pattern or the design, usually ink and paper come into play during this process. Finding inspiration usually isn’t a problem for Cassandra Bahreman-Schock: “Sometimes I start drawing and have no idea what the finished product will look like.” The next step involves transferring the print to the fabric using silkscreen print or airbrush. When it comes to picking the fabrics sustainability, quality and organic certification are very important to the designer. “I want to continue following this path,” the founder emphasises. Organic jersey and cotton make up the majority of the fabrics, in the future the designer also plans on implementing more linen into her designs.

Once the printing process has been completed Cassandra Bahreman-Schock explains her vision for the print to the dressmaker who then sews either a t-shirt, sweater, scarf or something else. A great effort is made to ensure that every accessory and clothing item at musterAG - die musterwerkstatt is simple, comfortable and made using clear and clean cuts. “Every item is unique. Because every fabric is something special, every item of clothing should also be something special”, the designer expressly underlines. Another advantage of shopping at musterAG - die musterwerkstatt is the option for customers to have custom alterations made to their purchases.



  Through printing processes, the patterns are applied

to different fabrics.

                                © FT/musterAG.com - die musterwerkstatt



THE FUTURE OF musterAG - die musterwerkstatt

Work on a new series will begin in the next few months. Its focus will lie on cardigans, long sleeve shirts and bags. Furthermore, Cassandra Bahreman-Schock is also planning on creating checked casual shirts. Her wishes for the future are “good cooperations, amazing products and naturally satisfied customers”.



At musterAG, design fabrics are processed into T-shirts

and much more.

                        © FT/musterAG.com - die musterwerkstatt


Written by Paloma Pöltinger and translated by Maria Julia Bauer


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