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Whether you are looking for a casual T, some trousers, a cool backpack, or you simply want to sip on a drink and enjoy great art – there is always a reason to visit WIER in Vienna’s 7th district. Written by Anna Flaschberger


Two Viennese brands and their desire for a shop of their own


An acquaintance at a design fair resulted in a friendship between the founders of the labels Nullkommasiebenprozent (English: zero point seven percent) and Franz Textilmanufaktur. Then in 2015, their mutual shop, WIER, opened its doors for the first time. With the opening of their store, they fulfilled their dream of selling their labels, not only online, but also offline. In order to create the shop according to their own ideas, the designers had to take on a lot of work. After extensive renovations, with attention to detail, their concept store was finally finished.


wier shop
The furnishing inside the shop is simple but stylish!
© WIER/Stefan Schmalzbauer


wier shop
The walls are decorated with art as well as drinks.
© WIER/Stefan Schmalzbauer


Viennese handcraft with peppy design


Nullkommasiebenprozent (NKSP) was founded in 2012 and specializes in trendy, sustainable streetwear. Thomas Patz and Catherine Patz-Fischer, the names behind the brand, develop and draw all their motifs by themselves. That's also what makes their label stand out from the crowd. Their illustrations and designs often have a political message, to which both of them attach great importance. Even the brand name itself is related to the fact that only 0.7% of the world’s textile production is organic cotton. They are also strictly against homophobia, fascism, sexism and racism which is particularly reflected in the writings of their designs.


nksp Wier
The abbreviation NKSP can be found on all of
their products.
© WIER/Stefan Schmalzbauer


Handmade gym bags, backpacks and fanny packs are Franz Textilmanufaktur’s specialty. In 2011, the two founders, Jean-Philipp Niedzielski and Linus Merlin Resch, turned their hobby into a career. Unfortunately, the label no longer exists – only a few products are left and can be found in the WIER. You should definitely check out their last pieces!

The cessation of Franz Textilmanufaktur is a pity, but that’s not where it ends! The brand developed into a new label: Good Kids Bad Society (GKBS). You can expect trendy backpacks, clothes and accessories. Similar to NKSP, GKBS takes political and social events as a source of inspiration for their designs.

If you are looking for sustainable streetwear with a message and want to shop in a pleasant atmosphere, then WIER the right place for you.



Address: Neubaugürtel 4, 1070 Wien

Online-Shop: https://www.wier.at/collections/all

Website: https://www.wier.at/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wier_store/



Nullkommasiebenprozent: https://nullkommasiebenprozent.com/

Franztextilmanufaktur: http://www.franztextilmanufaktur.com/


Good Kids Bad Society: http://www.goodkidsbadsociety.com/


Anna Flaschberger, FashionTouri editorial team


Header: © WIER/Stefan Schmalzbauer