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Innovative 3D printed fine jewelry

'Jewelry is the smallest form of Architecture. It is only by thinking in multiple dimensions that we can create pieces that are impossibly complex, yet effortlessly simple.', Marie Boltenstern, Founder and Head of Design As pioneers in producing fine jewelry collections that are directly 3D printed from 18K gold powder, we create pieces of intricate complexity that no human hand could craft. We develop algorithms for designing our pieces, which allows us to cost- efficiently customize our jewels. Accountable for what we bring to life, our aspiration is to behave with integrity and responsibility in every step we take. We believe in building an international ecosystem of shared beliefs, knowledge and interests with our customers and community, empowering each other to do better. As a female-led team, we fuse expertise with an international mindset. Partnering with global experts enables us to grow in the most effective ways. BOLTENSTERN as a fine jewelry brand was founded in 1964 by MSven Boltenstern whose glamour and extravagant haute-couture pieces have left an indelible mark on the 70s jet-set around the world.

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