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We produce unique pieces from wood and stone.

We are a young startup company from Austria working in partnership with experienced watch manufacturers to transform raw, natural materials into unique timepieces. Modern society is able to provide us with an enormous amount of information, stimulation and seemingly endless opportunities in life. The pressure to use this information, stay stimulated and pick & choose which opportunities to pursue has become a fundamental source of stress and anxiety for the aspirational youth. Today's world is marked by a consumption of enormous amounts of information and seemingly endless opportunities of what to do in life. Despite the wealth in the first world, young people often feel overwhelmed by their options and experience excessive pressure, stress and quite frequently self doubt. We firmly believe that a “time-out” in the glory and splendor of nature is one of the best ways to practice self-reflection during such overwhelming times—to slow down and become more aware of what we may be neglecting, taking for granted, and reconsider our paths in life. To express our appreciation for this quality time and symbolize our company’s mission, we have chosen the annual growth rings of a tree as our logo. With this philosophy at our core we aim to provide a unique and personal piece of nature for all of our customers which may serve as a daily reminder to make the most of every moment.

Mail: hallo@holzkern.com
Tel: 555
Opernring 9
1010 Vienna
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This is your Story!

What is the story of your brand?

Started as a small family company, we grew to a team of over 150 people. We work hard every day to give people access to their own little piece of nature in form of our watches and jewelry.

What makes your brand special?

Each of our pieces is unique, made of natural materials and is supposed to bring us a little closer to nature each day.

What is your favourite place in the city?

Probably one of our beautiful parks, a little nature right in the city, exactly our kind of thing.


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